About The Sisters


Amy lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband Martin and three children Maggie, Martin Junior and Avery. Amy teaches Pilates at Hilliard Studio Method and if she is not there you could find her at yoga, driving carpools, bible study, lunch with friends or on her computer or iPhone. Amy loves to volunteer at Levine Children’s Hospital. She lost her son Charles to a heart defect Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome in 2006. Her favorite places are Camp Seafarer, Raleigh, Wrightsville Beach and anywhere with her family.


Diana lives in Danville, California with her husband Rob and their two children, Anders and Leah. A chef by trade, her focus now is on preparing easy yet nourishing meals for her family yet she still enjoys entertaining her close friends and family with elaborate parties or simple outdoor barbecues. Diana has a passion for travel and loves the process of planning a new adventure but you can usually find her volunteering at schools or sitting on a sideline. Two of her very favorite places in the world are Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina and Hamilton, Montana.

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